Beauty, Personal Care, and Color Cosmetics

This Division provides analysis and quality assurance to meet FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) / Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.

Standard chemical and physical testing methods as outlined in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia/ National Formulary (USP 24 / NF19).
Method Development
Method Validation
Quality Control Assays of Production Batches
Round Robin Testing






Stability Testing

Our stability department is ready to design a shelf life testing schedule to determine expiration dating of OTC products. We will consult with you to provide even more rigorous standards to exceed product expectations. We use methods that comply with the Guidance for Industry (Q1A Stability Testing of New Drug Substances and Product.)

Accelerated testing
Long term testing
Optional testing periods
Degradation testing
Our Environmental Chambers are validated and equipped with Fuji Controls, Honeywell Chart Recorders, and a 24-hour alarm system.







This division provides analysis and quality assurance to support EPA product testing requirements. We also provide regulatory consulting to support state and federal product registration.

Standard chemical and physical testing according to approved EPA efforcement methods
Method Development
Quality Control Assays of Finished Product and Technical Raw Materials
Round Robin Testing
Assistance with Form R and Tier II Reporting